Filterpure Filters systems

Sustainable technology focused on quality.

Director of Consulting services

Experienced non-profit leader with excellent fundraising and group leadership skills. Creative, with strong inter-personal and communication skills.  Enjoys working with non-profits to help build sustainable enterprise operations by working with staff, evaluating operations, and developing resources and contacts.
-More than 10 years of experience with non-profit management.
-Has extensive fundraising experience.  Raised close to $2,000,000 for the Filterpure project.
-Experience with inter cultural project management.  
-Implemented new quality control standards to the project.
-developed long lasting partnerships with NGO's and government agencies for implementation of the project.
-Hosted more than 50 teams to international destinations
-Established, tested and implemented a new technology to the industry with successful results.


For the past 15 years I have been successfully working in the water resources field, though my
passion and dedication extend beyond that. I have always had a love for water and it has been
my intent to protect this vital resource and make it globally accessible for everyone. Throughout
my life, I have been able to work on defining why this is so important to me and figure out ways
that I can make a difference. I have long held an admiration for organizations that have chosen to
take an active role in supporting those countries in need. I see these organizations setting global
policy and assisting countries with access to our most precious resource. Due in large part to
their efforts, I continue to seek a place in this arena and understand that through helping other
regions of the world obtain clean potable water, we in turn help ourselves. As a long-term
member of organizations such as the American Red Cross, Surfrider Foundation USA, The
Water & Sanitation Rotarian Water Action Group, and American Water Works Association, as
well as serving on the Water Quality Improvement Plan committee for the city of San Diego, I
have been involved in everything from beach clean ups to running for local water boards. My
passion for water has taken me to countries all over the world including Southeast Asia,
Australia, and Costa Rica where I was able to see firsthand how critical it is to establish clean
drinking water resources for underprivileged children and their families.
In regards to my professional background, I have worked in outreach education, water quality
sampling and monitoring, storm water consultanting ,. My experiences in the public and private
sectors place me in a unique position to develop strategies for change. I have also completed the
latest Water Resource Management program at San Diego State University and look forward to
bringing my knowledge and skills to those in need.​
Gregory Lance Kyle